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RESETER CANNON IP1900, IP1880, IP1700, IP1100

RESETER CANNON IP1100 – IP1700 – IP1880 – IP1900

==============Use at your own risk===========


Reset Cattrige :

Cannon Pixma IP1800 - IP1900

Cannon Pixma iP1800 - IP1900

A. Should check first printer in a normal state or not yet ready to reset.


Is there blinkking (indicator lamp blinking)? if there should be blinking at the first normalize ... reset the software will not be able to send data to the printer so it's useless to reset a thousand times. Make even more tired and dizzy.

blinkking can occur because

the ink runs out, - it must first fill in the fullness of ink .., - So must the kurangiprinter could not detect the presence of catrige, - Catrige first clear ... or connector in cattrigenya rusty, or even .. his cattrige

.dead .... wow if this should buy a new catrigeCattrige PIXMA IP1800 - IP1900 Cattrige PIXMA IP1800 - IP1900

If there is already filled or the contents (in make sure first) but blinking. trying to do this step.

Unplug all cables (power and USB cable) in printer.Dalam is off press the power button and do not put off while the power cable to the printer. ("Power cable only"). then the power indicator light will illuminate hijau.Dengan position power button still pressed .. other fingers press the resume button 2 times. The first press .. resume light turns orange and press into two .. resume light mati.Sekarang release the power button. (Should relax your fingers pegel .. I think) and wait a few saat.Harusnya blinkking now no longer. if still blinkking repeat the first step. Then insert the USB cable and try the printers and faxes on the CPU in a state or status of "ready".
B. Well is not blinking anymore when we reset the waste ink it. how:


Press the Resume button and hold for 1-2 minutes (usually only 50 seconds, and there's no sign of successful nggaknya sign) Open the cover and reattach printerLapas catridge catridge to where semulaTutup cover printerTurn Off (turn off the printer and not on the pull cord) Turn On (turn on the printer)
C. Now it permanently using the software reseter.


Download here:

IpTool.exe - ver 1.1.5 = iP1800, IP 1700, IP1100 still can. IP1900 IP1900 = More bisa.Resetter_Canon not complete but a bit difficult.
1900 reseter sometimes make PC hangs ... what you have .. he .. he.he..

There is a trick though still hangs way ... want to know ..?

Provide plaster or morbidly permanent markers to make a mark on the screen. if lcd find a safer way to make a mark on the monitor.

Extract files reseter Cannon IP 1900. Find the application file and create a shortcut on the desktop. close other applications.

Open the application files are marked with the letter G ICON shape like a little yellow and pink (in the folder extract).

Mark the close window (top right in red) and the close button (bottom right) with the last marker (or markers or stickers) If the LCD monitors do not have to feel a lot better deh .. looking for markers that are safer

If now at the close does not mean that can not hang the total .. the mouse is still moving, still able to turn off numlock and in turn means no hang. mouse over the earlier mark and the press over and over again until terclose but sometimes need a refresh.

NNAAAAh now reset ...

IP1980 IP1900 or would be detected with the name "IP1800ASA". If it is not detected try to change the settings in the upper right on the "USB port" and then press the "Device ID" try to appear the identity of the printer in kehendaki.Centang "Cleaning" and "EPROM Clear" and press " Test Pattern1? wait until a paper print test results commander "Test Pattern2? commander and so on until "Test Pattern3? then press "Play" and "Platen" on the Group wasteink.Tutup / close reseter commander checks in the printer properties if the ink is detected full, if not repeat this lagi.Usaha generally own many failures due to software that still has BUG banmyak here and there. Do not give up .. because you will not succeed. Average 4-5 times then we can succeed but there are repeated unsuccessful, many factors in terms of these User not have enough experience and have basic technician or not, the mind fresh or in chase time, dsb.kalo already turn off the printer (not on the pull cord). Commander on again.

Hopefully petrified ... if there are suggestions for technical se friends ... please share your experience and skill ...

"Water in the glass will pour out ... but the cleverness in the cast will not be exhausted"

By Admin -

Reverensi other reseter:

Reseter printer

Canon iP1980 iP1880 IP1500 IP1600 IP1900 ip1000

Epson: SSCserve C92 CX5500 CX6900 CX7300 CX8300 CX9300 C110 R230 R290 SP1390


head / cartridge is not detected: the cause

1. pin in headnya dirty / crusty thereby disrupting the connection between head and head home.
solution: use a damp cloth
(Not wet consleting krn will occur when water seeps into the chipset)
to clean the connector pins

2. pin head home a dirty / crusty or get ink causes the surge to head home.
solution: remove the crust when the crust, carefully made and coated pin connector not to defects in plastic.
if exposed to the ink. if you still can help, clean scent on it, if possible severe head off.

3. cattrige chipset ink causing fullness in the submerged ink (his seal leak) occurred consleting in the head.
solution: reduce the suction return belom may be too severe. when it's a lot rembesanya. would be very difficult.

4. head off. wow this one should buy or borrow a new friend for aproval. that the head house no problem. check with caution.

The above analysis can be developed for the solution itself. should be someone who berengalaman. Any risk we are not responsible.

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